1st April 2023

2023 Banner ad support advertising rates:
Funding provides Internet Website and any necessary upgrades to the system.
Our package provides Canada wide coverage using two high traffic
amateur radio websites:

ONTARS  and The Trans Provincial Net
www.ontars.com and  www.tpn7055.com

Our combined sites average more than 450  plus hits per day
serving all of Western Canada, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.
The sites are desired for event information, our Swap Shop section
and general information links used by amateurs.
A weekly newsletter delivered by email keeps over 385 amateurs
informed and up to date of current events, and even amateur birthdays.

Banner Ad specifications:

Main corporate banner

700 x 200 pixel  corporate banner
Rotates in a random fashion on front page of website.
This banner also rotates in our popular amateur radio buy/sell Marketplace area.
The advertiser is given the ability to post his "specials"  or clearance items
in the buy/sell area at no charge.

Fixed mini ad banner

150 x 132 pixel  corporate MINI banner
Firmly placed on front page in an easy to find matrix reference on each website.
Read everytime and linked to your corporate website.

Contract term:
A one time charge of $100.00 CDN
provides the advertiser with 12 months of coverage.

Display banner ads:
Typically the advertiser supplies the camera ready banner ads
for posting to our website.
Custom banner design is available at one time charge should you require it.

Payment is by corporate cheque or E-Transfer
to Barry R. Lisoweski

The following sponsors support the operation and more importantly,
the funding of this website. We are a "non for profit" operation.
A growing number of amateur radio clubs and individuals
financially support the operation on a yearly basis.
There is no membership charge to those amateur using our service.

 2023 current ONTARS sponsors.

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1st February 2023