ONTARS controller
Picture page  9th October 2022

Introducing  "Mighty the dog "  Bill's new Jack Russel Mix.
In honour of Ernie the dog...gone but not forgotten.
How could I not take him in?  3 years old.
Thanks to VE3APF, I made the decision to get another dog......... glad I did.

Bill with Ernie the dog...(may he rest in peace)
for all his service and friendship.

Inspirational clouds over the shack

 Ernie before haircut

Ernie after haircut


Have not seen a turtle in long time here.

This is my cannon I built years ago.  It makes a big Bang!
Ernie is my 10 year old Rescue Dog.  Ernie can't see, so he depends on me.
I live in the country and no restrictions on Tower etc.
The cannon was made from PVC Schedule 40 Plastic Pipe.
I put Carbide inside to make a loud Bang!
Carbide was used by Miners to light there way in mines.


A set of fawns spent the day in the shade.  Temp. was 95 deg.
There are No dumb animals in Nature.

 New 20 meter beam installation.

KENNY, my nephew engineering monobander installation.
Also my other nephew Denny, big boy installer of Antennas.
Beam working great on 20M.

his is my Cannon I built years ago.  It makes a big B