Your private ads are FREE!

ONTARS  is a pleased to offer this interactive website addition for our loyal users.
Kindly note that all advertising is FREE for private parties/amateur radio operators.
Commercial amateur vendors will be allowed in this area as a further enhancement
to the website and this section. Kindly contact the webmaster for further details.

How to delete your ad.

How do I delete my ad once the article is sold?

Find your ad on the system with the SEARCH feature.
The ad number is just below the Date Posted and Expiry Date.
Remember this number.
On the BLUE Search Ads Place Ads Edit Ads My Profile bar
Click Edit Ads
For security you will be asked to ENTER YOUR LOGON INFORMATION
Once you are logged in,  you may Edit your ad.
Options available are:  Modify/Renew Ad  Delete Ad  or Add Photo
Click the Delete Ad button.
Then enter the ad number as per above note.
Your ad will come up. If you wish to delete it, simply click the "Delete This Ad" button and it is done.
Your ad will be deleted.
Note: If you can't find it or have forgotten the password send us email---->     

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