HF Remote Basics
 by VE3ISX
Controlling your transceiver with an smart phone device or laptop
from a cruise ship or just your back yard.
1st July 2016

 Barry VE3ISX on his iPhone 4S outside the Coral Princess while on a Caribbean cruise through
the Panama Canal. iPhone connected to ship WiFi and enjoying a  QSO with the ONTARS net.

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of just what went into the developement of the VE3ISX HF remote station.
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The VE3ISX Station  July 2016

The station consists of ICOM IC-7100, ICOM IC-7300 transceivers and ICOM PW-1 linear amplifier.
Separate antennae for 6 meters, 40 meters, 80 meters and the TH3-MK4 triband (10-15-20 meter) beam
are controlled by the PW-1 amp and are switched by either of the transceivers.
Each band has a Yaesu YS-60 1KW power meter for monitoring.
Connection to this HF remote station from anywhere in the world with  a secure internet connection.
Both transceivers are controlled by ICOM RS-BA1 software on separate servers.
Each transceiver has it's own SignaLink USB interface connected to a Windows 10 server.
SignaLink USB interface features NO GROUND LOOPS and a very simple versatile connection to SKYPE tm   for the passage
of audio RX/TX and video for control purposes.

What is required?

* SignaLink USB sound interface.
* Dedicated Windows or Apple computer for use as SERVER
* Ham Radio Deluxe control software (optional)
* RS-BA1 software
* TeamViewer remote desktop software (optional)
* Hi Speed internet

Typically, the audio chain using SKYPE is enabled first. Streaming video
shows the operating frequency in real time.
To change frequency, you enable TeamViewer to view the server control screen.
Even while you are on a smart phone, you simply click on the Band Memory and the
transceiver changes frequency, antenna and linear settings.
Add an inexpensive SKYPE camera to your remote station and monitor your TX power
or the panel of your transceiver for instant confirmation. You can even give a signal report!

How easy is it to use?

TX is accompished by un muting the the portable device (Smart Phone, or laptop)
and talking in a normal voice.
RX is achieved by pushing the SKYPE muting button and listening.
Does your car have a Bluetooth connection to the car entertainment system?
Connect your portable device for hands free QSO's while driving!

What does it sound like?

Listen to Vince VE6LK operating the ONTARS net (3.755 MHz sideband net) on YouTubetm .
Vince was using Ham Radio Deluxe from his station to manually switch PTT.
Sunday morning from Alberta Canada, using the VE3ISX remote station.

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