Frank VA3FJM Bio

Home QTH,  Kitchener, ON

Frank has been Santa Frank for 30 years. Normally his visits are private, or corporate events.
He visits with about 2,000 children every year (except during Covid).

Frank tries to have a sense of humor, and treat each person with interest and respect.
Due to the nature of visits, he can spend more time with the children.
Frank actually can, sometimes, remember what the child requested “last year”, and have very meaningful conversations.
He has watched children grow to be adults!

Frank enjoys being "Santa Frank", and looks forward to continuing.
He has been a ham for 9 years, and has been Net Controller for Elmira’s morning net on Thursdays.
On various occasions he has operated the ONTARS net. Twice at the Lighthouse for Elmira Radio Club,
and at the Maple Syrup Festival in Elmira.

Merry Christmas
Santa Frank  VA3FJM
Frank Monteith

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