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Revision:  5th January 2023

 Latest record count 36,000 in our data base!

The TCN starts at 18:00 GMT on Sundays and most Canadian Satutory Holidays

The main Trans Canada Net (TCN) focus is to provide a nation wide informal HF radio forum for Canadian radio amateurs.
However check-ins from other countries are welcomed as long as radio regulations are complied with.
To protect operators (including Canadians in the USA) from citation exposure USA located stations are only permitted
to check into the TCN on CW. This is because the USA FCC regulations do not permit voice transmissions on the 20M band below 14.150 MHz.

The net usually runs with 3 net control stations (NCS) strategically located across Canada to provide overlapping coverage
within the usual 20M HF propagation skip zone gaps.
Typically there are NCS operators located in Eastern, Central and Western Canada.

Currently, VA7TA is Western Net control and manager.
Assistant Western control provided by: JC VE7OI and Norm VE7AMF

Grant, VA4GD handles the Central Canada NCS duties with back-up from
Mike, VE4BAE and Lee, VE4LS when needed.
Grant developed the foundation for the TCN check-in database which continues to grow.

 Eastern Net Control
Dave, VE3EI  handles the Eastern Canada NCS duties when he is not out globe trotting or travelling around Canada.
Dave obtains much back-up support from Barry, VE3ISX (our very appreciated Webmaster);
John-Henry  VE3CAK; Bill VE9OA; Denny, VA3OZ and Brian, VE3BHD.

Western Net Control team

Central Net Control Team

Eastern Net Control Team

Trans Canada Net (TCN) Protocol and Procedures

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