VE3VS  Doug
 Fox Island "Expedition"

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Fox Island and the operations area courtesy of Google Earth

Friday PM 26 September 2014

         Doug - VE3VS, Heather - VE3HQH and Bev - VA3DQB.
Sailed into Fox Island Friday afternoon
20 meter - 40 meter antenna on the island
along with a generator.
Operations took place on Bev's (VA3DQB) houseboat.

Doug writes:

Just returned home a half hour ago, after some great fun today qualifying and activating Fox Island.

         After returning to harbour, and packing all our gear for home, we went out for a very restful and enjoyable dinner at a local establishment.

         We did quite well...
         29 contacts in Canada
         11 contacts with USA hams
          1 contact with the Czech Republic

         41 contacts in total - - and on such a beautiful warm day to be out on the water.
All of this within the span of a couple of hours.

         I will be submitting my log information for verification and validation.
I believe that Fox Island has been assigned ON-291.
 I'll get that confirmed ASAP.
Check the photo gallery below!
Both of us a quite tired having been "on the water" all afternoon.
         Thanks again for the terrific support that ONTARS drummed up for our little expedition.
So many great friends from ONTARS finding that they also had an antenna for 40 metres. ( grin )

          Doug - VE3VS

Doug's  XYL Heather VE3HQH....she took all the pictures on board the vessel
as well as doing the logging for Doug.

 Our operating location ..
         44 deg  20.134 North  and  79 deg 29.177 West

         Lake water elevation about 720 feet ASL
         antenna location ground level 722-725 feet ASL

         location at the public dock on south-east side of island
         estimate width of Fox Is.  2000 feet E-W
                 and about the same N-S direction.

         about 12 miles due north of the main harbour in the village of Keswick, and approx 60 km north of Toronto.