International Lighthouse and Lightship weekend

The Elmira Radio Club
20th and 21st August 2016

The Point Clark lighthouse is located 18 kilometres south of Kincardine and 35 kilometres north of Goderich, Ontario.

Pictures courtesy of Barry  VE3ISX  and Bob  VE3IXX and the ONTARS net management.

The newly restored Point Clark Lighthouse   #CA0011 attracts a lot of public attention.

The G5RV hung from a tree to the tip of the lighthouse.

Gord  VE3DBP with Carol VE3IYY

Tracy with hubby    Jason VE3JVG

Central command post for operations

Bruce  VE3QB at the controls  with  Bill VA3QB  and Brian VA3DXK

Ted  VE3TRQ ready to start operations.

Barry VE3ISX and XYL  Judy

Al VA3TET with Ken VE3KCY setting up Elecraft QRP CW station.

Ken VE3KCY's  magic loop!

Barry VE3ISX operating the 8 am Saturday ONTARS net.

Our main source of power courtesy of Paul VA3PDC

Beautiful scenery all around the lighthouse at Point Clarke

  Setting up Brian's   VA3DXK   dipole

Bruce  VE3QB  with Bill VA3QB

John VE3JXX with xyl  Cathy and mascot Maverick

John   VE3JXX  "go-box   HF/VHF/tuner"

Bob  VE3IXX doing the ONTARS net checkins on the Kenwood TS440S/G5RV

Dennis   VE3UTN and his digital station...server in the car!

VE3UTN station antenna.....Huster all band vertical

The large trees provided a nice shade.

Paul  VA3PDC at his Flex 3000 operating station

Joycee VA3WXU busy logging contacts

Joycee VA3WXU

Judd VE3WXU   Bob  VE3IXX    Bruce VE3QB  with Al VA3TET during setup.

Al VA3TET presenting Brian VA3DXK with his official ERC tee shirt.

Judd VE3WXU and wife   Joycee  VA3WXU   working with Judy  (XYL) of VE3ISX  Barry setting up the control tent.

Terry   VE3XTM with XYL   Patty joining the group.

Judy preparing the salad

Al  VA3TET prepares the mushrooms and onions for the burgers...

VE3CD Harold with XYL  Edna enjoying one of the juicy burgers.

Al  VA3TET with XYL  Joan at dinner

 Judy    Carol  VE3IYY with hubby Dave VE3DJL over dinner at Chuck's Roadhouse.

Judy  Barry VE3ISX with Ted   VE3TRQ enjoying a cold 807!

Paul   VA3PDC with Ken   VE3KCY  at dinner.

Gord  VE3DBP ordering dinner.

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