Pictures from Parry Sound Hamfest
12 August 2017

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Pictures by VE3HR   Russ, Ken VE3KCY and the Parry Sound Amateur Radio Club
Website created by VE3ISX Barry for ONTARS

Bruce VE3BV Hamfest coordinator

Site of the 2017 Parry Sound ARC Hamfest

"Honest Bob" at the Maple Leaf Communications tables

Parry Sound Amateur Radio Club HF talk in for ONTARS net   7 am to 9 am

Starting them young...

Rick from Armitron Power Systems getting the goods ready


VE3YK Ken chatting with VE3CN  Charlie (behind service monitor)

Russ  VE3HR    Ken  VE3KCY   Denny  VA3OZ   and John  VE3VGI

  Ken  VE3KCY   Ken VE3YK   and  Denny  VA3OZ

Ken VE3YK   with Lorna  XYL Wayne VA3WAB

Ken VE3YK   Ken  VE3KCY  Denny VA3OZ  and John  VE3VGI

VE3AB  Earl with the deals

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