Niagara Peninsula Amateur Radio Club

Saturday 6th February 2016
Pictures courtesy:  VE3ISX Barry, VA3BOZ and Denis VE3ONO

If you  have pictures please send them to:


Merriton Community Centre location...great picture from John VA3BOZ  last year 2015!

No snow this year and a great travel day to the Hamfest

Howard VA3HGW of St. Catharines with Dale VE3LFR of Beamsville on door security.

Phil VA3QR of RAC with Dave VE3FOI


 Kevin  VA3KGS   one of the Event Coordinators.

Murray VA1CQ  and Ron LeBlanc from Icom Canada Mississauga, ON  showing what's new.

Denis   VA3ONO one of your photographers.

Pierre from  Radioworld

Mike VE3MKX busy at the tables.

Angelo VA3ACO   Barry VE3ISX  and Gary VE3DZP with new TS-590

Mario "The Tube Man"

VE3IXX  Bob  ONTARS net controller

Every shack should have one of these??

John VA3BOZ  one of the Event Coordinators

Scott VE3QU    Dave VE3DWJ   Mardy VE3QEE and Rick VE3BK from Hamilton Amateur Radio Club



Frank  VE3SQ  - - . . .    . . . - -

Barry VE3ISX ONTARS Net Manager

Kevin  VE3RRH and XYL Lynn VE3FNY

Lloyd   VE3ERQ

Rick  VE3BK  and Dave  VE3DV  from Hamilton

John  VE3MFA  and Peter  VE3DOU

Bob VE3HNH ONTARS net controller/CJ Net manager

Dave VE3NNG at the table

Doug  VE3DGF

Susie  VE3SQR and Gary  VE3GCK

VA3CD..Len      VE3FOI..Dave   VE3NWT..John   All General Motors employees

  Dave VA3UL and wife, Anne VE3XAJ

Sid  VE3ZSX   surplus vendor

Mike VE3CMM (ONTARS and TPN  net controller) signing the big deal.

Jim  VE3JS  and  Bob  VE3ITW

Dawna (Jim's XYL)  VE3JS winner of $100 Radioworld coupon

Alex VE3XAR with son   Mike   VE3MKR

VE3NYP  Gary from Simcoe

John   VA3BOZ doing the PA duties  along with Maria (daughter of Kevin VA3KGS)

Derek VE3DXT  and  Gary VE3TTO

Jake VE3NCL and friend




VE3MFP, John VE3MFA, Garth VE3HO & Glenn VA3DX.

Remember these??


VE3MFP  George and  VA3DX Glenn ,

Dennis  VA3DTP    selling the winning ticket...

John  VA3BOZ  with 50-50 draw winner Don  VA3XL  and VA3WET Peter


After the fleamarket, everyone over to the SWISS CHALET on Glendale Ave. St. Catharines.

Angelo  VA3ACO handing out the draw prize tickets.

Barney VA3BSO from the Canadian Coast Guard


Heather and Tony VA3CQ (fleamarket vendors) from London.

 John VE3MFA   Peter VE3DOU   Nick  VA3UFA

Rick  VE3BK    Mardy VE3QEE  and David  VE3DWJ

VA3KBK  Karl  with Mark   VA3SDF

Brian  VA3BGN  enjoying lunch from Hamilton

Judy and Barry  VE3ISX  (ONTARS net manager)

Jamie..our server with Angelo  VA3ACO drawing the luck FREE DINNER   ticket

Rick  VE3BK   winner  of the FREE Swiss Chalet dinner with Jamie....

Do you have pictures that we can publish here....mail them to Barry VE3ISX

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