Niagara Peninsula Amateur Radio Club
Saturday 4th February 2012
Pictures courtesy:
Karen  VA3NOW,  Andy VE3HJ,  Larry  VE3GIO
Len VE3TC  and Barry  VE3ISX

The crowd waiting in almost near perfect weather.

All set to go with brisk ticket sales!

Huge attendance and great deals!

Kevin  VA3KGS  Club President Niagara Amateur Radio Club

Bob  VE3MF  North Bay Net

Gerry  VE3COP and  Ken  VE3YK

Rick  VE3FMC

Clare  VE3CUJ  and Angelo VA3ACO enjoying the fest.

Larry  VE3GIO ONTARS official net photographer

Darlene and Denny  VE3ONG

Rick  VE3ROC and his usual table of goodies.

Cliff   VA3CAF all the way in from Trenton

Mark  VE3THG


Rick  VE3ROC and Gerry  VE3COP

Gary  VA3JYD with Cliff  VA3CAF

Peter VE3DOU and  Barry  VE3ISX

Norm VE3NLH and Victoria VA3VJS.

David  VE3KGK from London    Peter  VE3DOU  Grimsby

Tom VA3TVW  Hamilton Amateur Radio Club president  with Erin and Aspen

Mike   VE3CMM enjoying the fest

Len  VE3TC dishing out the deals.

Frank  VE3SQ one of the NPARC volunteers.

Denny  VE3ONG    wife Darlene  and Ritch KA9DVL from Indiana

Dennis   VA3DLT from Frogmore

VE3DOU   Peter   David  VE3KGK and Ed  VE3BKQ

Gerry  VA3AAG from Lions Head

Good to see Nick  VE3DID one of our former ONTARS controllers.

Al  VE3YAJ  with Pat  VE3ZP enjoying the hamfest

Rick  VA3WU enjoying the fest.

Ritch  KA9DVL one of our US amateur neighbours enjoy the hamfest.

And then..we all joined Angelo at the
New Swiss Chalet on  at 344 Glendale Ave. for lunch.

Angelo VA3ACO arrives at the Swiss Chalet with Rick VA3AGX

Judy and Barry   VE3ISX  ONTARS Net Manager

Barry  VE3ISX and Ken  VE3YK ONTARS management

Don  VE3PM from London

Clare  VE3CUJ  and Bill  VE3WIG

Vince  VE3HRH   (Handi Radio Hams) and Jackie VA3JYF

Wes   VE3ADU


Lots of room to enjoy the post hamfest lunch.

Denny  VE3ONG-Darlene and friends

Denny's son Kyle  along with George  VE3MSR  and wife  from Kirland Lake

Don  VA3ZV

Don VE3PM   James  VE3TPZ and Judy  (Barry XYL)


VA3POS  John


Karen VA3NOW  Mark   Rick and Lucy

All the way from Englehart Ontario    Norm  VE3NLH

Victoria  VA3VJS along with Norm NLH

Pat  VE3ZP and Larry VE3GIO  both Ontars controllers discussing the day over lunch.


Mary and Peter  VE3DOU with friend David  VE3KGK after lunch


Angelo VA3ACO with the gang from Petrolia

Angelo assisting in the drawing of FREE dinner supplied  by our host:
Swiss Chalet 344 Glendale Ave., St. Catharines.

The winner...Judy  VE3ISX's  XYL
Thanks Angelo for putting the whole affair together.

Do you have shots of the hamfest that could be shared here??

Email them to Barry VE3ISX


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