Hamilton Amateur Radio Club
Christmas Party

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Royal Hamilton Yatch Club
6th December 2015
A collection of shots from the party.
Courtesy of  Barry VE3ISX

A warm welcome at the front door of the club.

The beautiful dining room

 Roger VE3UFZ   Ron VE3ZX    Ginette VA3SEW...The folks that put it all together!

Well stocked prize table courtesy of the HARC, Radio World, Fantasy Flight Simulators, ONTARS and VE3DOU

 Tracey and Brent  VA3XWZ   ... your MC

The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club hosted the party

A beautiful turkey dinner with all the trimmings was enjoyed by all.

Judy and Al VA3ERE

"Danny" and John VE3FDK

Laurel and Murray Thompson VE3ZPV  Commodore  RHYC

Mardy  VE3QEE and Betty Ellen


 Judy and Barry Lisoweski VE3ISX

Samantha Williams VE3LZY, and Rosita

Rick VE3BK and Pat enjoying the meal.

David VE3DWJ


Jim  VE3JS and Dawna enjoying the Yatch Club Christmas party

Gary VE3TTO and Loretta XYL

Norm VE3ZKO and  Donna

Greg   VE3YGG

Ginette VA3SEW and Ron VE3ZX

Ahmet Ozguder VA3TUR and his wife Elizabeth.

Ahmet's daughter

Joanne, her daughter and Ginette

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