Hanover Ham Haul 2020
15th  August 2020
Hanover Drive in theatre

Photo story courtesy of Earl  VE3AB,  Jeff VE3CV, Mike VE3MKX
Kevin VE3RCA and Hugo VE3KTN

The Ham Haul was definitely a success!

A special thank you to David VE3EBM
for his time and organization of the event.
Drive-In concessions were available.
Please note all proceeds given to charity.

Dave VE3EBM thanks YOU!
On behalf of myself, Tim,VE6PG, Ron, VA3UC, Larry, VE3RIP and to the online support of Bill, VE3NH,
many ONTARS controllers and others I would like to say thank you for the success of this year's Hanover Ham Haul.
We had wonderful weather and an excellent turnout by vendors and buyers alike.
I believe we all had a good time and for the most part the sales were good.

I especially want to thank all of the attendee's for their co-operation and understanding of the various requirements of the Covid-19 rules
and for abiding by the direction and wishes of the Hanover Ham Haul safety rules.
It was a bit of a change in procedure from the usual Hamfest but it worked and I don't think anyone was overly upset at the structure we used.
Thanks again and we will see you all and more next years.
Dave Margetts

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Larry VE3RIP


Mario The Tube Man with specials

Earl VE3AB - Netty Electronics  from Elliot Lake

VE3RIP  Larry tailgate

Dave VE3EI and the collection of goodies.

Hugh  VE3AYR  display

VE3CV fully stocked tailgate

  Bill VE3NH masked and ready.

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