Ham-Ex 2014
Brampton Fleamarket
22 March 2014

Lunch arrangements: Angelo VA3ACO

Photos courtesy of  Peter VE3DOU Ian VA3IC (Bat Phone)  Barry  VE3ISX and Tony VE3AXW

Peter VE3DOU   Bill VE3WIG  Joe VE3UJ

Dave   VE3DV checking out a new hat

  Barry VE3ISX ONTARS net manager

Ian VA3IC  and  assistant Sanya


  VA3UJ Joe and VE3ISX Barry...photo courtesy VA3IC Bat Phone :)

VE3AXW Tony..photo courtesy VA3IC Bat Phone :)

Angelo VA3ACO    Ian VA3IC    Peter VE3DOU and Sanya

Deals and nicely laid out table.

Now where did I put that mike?

Ian VA3IC  and  Peter VE3DOU


Honest Bob at Maple Leaf Communications with Wisdom


Rick VE3BK and Dan  VA3DJ

Ted VE3ONJ and Clare  VE3CUJ

Here you go....a $4000 Alpha..wonder if it sold?

Walter  VE3FJC

Mike  VE3MKX and John VE3FDK

Angelo VA3ACO with the Swiss Chalet Manager  150 West Drive, Brampton

Carlos  VA3SPF

Clare  VE3CUJ

Brad  VE3NRJ and Jim VA3DVT

Karen VA3NOW and Marc VA3SDF

Don  VE3OCY and  Norm VE3ZKO from Hamilton

Peter VE3DOU   VA3UJ Joe    Rob VA3RQB  Rick  VA3AGX

VA3MET   Rob    and  VA3TAL  Joe  ready for lunch.

Rick and Lucy with Tony VE3AXW


Randy VA3RDY with daughter

  (VA3RDY)  Randy's wife with daughter

Bill  VE3WIG



Randy VA3RDY ..the lucky winner of the Swiss Chalet dinner


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