Ham-Ex 2013
Brampton Fleamarket
23 March 2013

Lunch arrangements: Angelo VA3ACO

Photos courtesy of  Tony  VE3AXW,  Larry  VE3GIO,
Karen VA3NOW  and Mike  VE3MKX

If you can identify any of the hams without name or callsign, it would be appreciated.

Front row....Ian  VA3IC, Adam  VE3IZS, Angelo VA3ACO and Wayne VA3WAB
Back row  John  VE3RWB    Ritch KA9DVL  and  Mel VA3MEG

Elma from Durham Radio

RadioWorld booth

Doug  VE3DTX

Maple Leaf Communications

Clare VE3CUJ  and Ritch KA9DVL

Clare and VA3UJ  Joe

Durham Radio


Ken  VE3YK (just missed the big deal??) and Rick  VE3FMC

Pat   VE3CNX   and Ken  VE3YK

VA3WAB  Wayne

Larry VE3GIO

Larry   VE3GIO    Pat   VE3CNX   and Ken  VE3YK

Walter VE3FJC

Bill  VE3LJ

Tony   VE3AXW

Phil  VE3FAS

Mary  VA3ILT   and Tex VE3USI  GBARC members


Ritch  KA9DVL

Wisdom...from Maple Leaf

Vic   VE3VMO from hamilton

Mel   VA3MEG


After the hamfest, 43 hungry hams gathered at the
Swiss Chalet, 150 West Drive, Brampton for lunch!
Special arrangements and prizes  by Angelo VA3ACO

Ritch,  Angelo and Larry  VE3GIO

Tony VE3AXW and the gang

Norm   VE3CZI enjoying the fellowship

One of our official camera people.....Tony  VE3AXW


Another of our official camera people....Karen VA3NOW...nice job!

Drum roll.....lucky winner is......

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