Ham-Ex 2010
Brampton Post Fleamarket Lunch
27 March  2010
Lunch arrangements: Angelo VA3ACO  and Gerry  VA3GAK

Photos courtesy of Bill  VE3KYC   Barry VE3ISX   Larry  VE3GIO  Karen  VA3NOW
The Ham-Ex website

Congratuations to the team at the Ham-Ex 2010
for a very professional event!

Huge crowd and plenty of great deals!
Photo courtesy of HAM-EX


Honest Bob at Maple dishing out the deals
Photo courtesy HAM-EX

Don  VA3ZV Ontars net controller

Ian VA3IC  (Ontars controller) with Ken VE3 FIT


What every amateur should wear to a hamfest!
congratulations Don  VE3PM


Gerry  VE3COP

Larry   VE3HTW

 Ken  VE3KXM

Marv  VE2PK

VE3NJV Nicholus

VA3ABL Norm      VA3AYG  Arnold   and Ken VE3KXM

Allan  VE3BWQ

Angelo  VA3ACO

Angelo  VA3ACO   Dee Dee VE3FPL  Dave VE3EBM    Norm  VE3CZI

Most of the gang ready for lunch at The Swiss Chalet Brampton

Karen VA3NOW and her super sharp camera


Marc  VA3SDF with his new mobile antenna


Judy  Barry   (VE3ISX)  Karen  VA3NOW   and   Angelo   VA3ACO

The Swiss Chalet in Brampton arranged by Angelo VA3ACO  and Gerry  VA3GAK

 Gerry  VA3GAK   Judy and Barry  VE3ISX

KA9DVL  Ritch

Larry  VE3GIO  ONTARS Net controller
and official ONTARS photographer

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