Dayton 2013
Pictures by Barry  VE3ISX
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Dayton 2013 floor level...picture courtesy of VE3HG  Peter.

Tim  WB2KAO and Gary  K2OU from the Rochester Group

Easy to spot banner over the fleamarket location

The Rochester Amateur DX Association Tent
Jeff  VE3CV, Tim  WB2KAO and Barry  VE3ISX

Phil  WA2UGE   and Gary  K2OU from the Rochester Group

Dick KD2AJM , Stan WM3D and Alex  NV2Y part of the Rochester Group

Judy and Barry  VE3ISX enjoying the get together with the Rochester Group

Phil  WA2UGE     Charlie  WB2HJV  and Marv  K2ZAA  part of the Rochester Group

The Canadian Hams:  Joe VE3TAL,  Margaret and Rob VE3RQB
 VE3EJ and  Judy VE3ISX   XYL
Joyce   Lucy VE3LTC  Rick VA3AGX  and Rob VA3MET

VE3EJ  John from Contest Club of Ontario


VE3AXW making the rounds

Al  VE3EJM  and  Fred  VE3SXB   from the Brantford ON  Club

The Burlington Group  from   right  to left around the table
Tom VA3TM   Jeff VE3COJ    Gil VE3GON  Fred VE3KYD  Mike VE3HBN
 Norm VE3CZI  Denny VE3OKD  Bob VE3WW
Dave VA3DK  Doug VE3RG

Allan  VE3BWQ with the 350 Group

Rick  VA3AGX  LucyVE3LTC  and Bob Heil

The 350 Group : Rob VA3MET  Rick VA3AGX  Lucy VE3LTC  Joe VE3TAL Joyce   Margaret and Rob VE3RQB

The Dayton Hamvention 2013  ready to go!

The Alinco  analog SDR transceiver introduced

Hybrid Magic now with above for details

The Alinco booth staff and Judy  VE3ISX XYL

The Arena

The ARRL booth ....HUGE!!

The ARRL booth..air conditioned as well :)

The Radio Amateurs of Canada booth

Beams for dxers

Now for the fleamarket...picture courtesy of Dave N2VUZ

Fog at the fleamarket...picture courtesy of Dave N2VUZ

Thirsty while at the Hamfest??

The burgers and hot dogs cooking....along with the smoke

Begali Keys.....for the pro CW operator

The XTAL Set booth

Coaxial excitement




The crowds HUGE as always


Click for all the dtails on the K Line as shown at Dayton

The Elecraft Presentation

Flag pole used as vertical

The FLEX-6000 series of transceivers on display
Click above for more details

Plenty of interest at Dayton regarding the FLEX-6000 series of transceivers

They pop the hood on the new Flex transceiver

The Flex 3000 Transceiver

GAP Antenna Products

The prof is in to teach you amateur radio

The newest HF radio antenna....Horse Fence...straps of nylon with embedded wires.

The new touch screen Icom 7100 mobile transceiver....monitor for the 7800 next door :(

The Icom product display

The D Star boxes


The new Kenwood 990...huge radio !

The Kenwood transceiver LCD display

The YL from Yaesu passing out free mouse pads

The YAESU booth

Bob from Maple Leaf Communications

The MARCO medical group

The QCWA group

The Radio Jet receiver

The unit

This interface will control your radio via cell phone or normal land line...very interesting!

The Stepp IR antenna booth

The HF Stepp IR in action outside the arena

The APRS solution from BYONICS



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