Markham Fairgrounds  Ontario Hamfest
 31st October 2015
Photos courtesy of Barry VE3ISX   and Mike VE3MKX and Tony  VE3AXW

Geoff VA3GS   your hamfest coordinator...great job!!

Alma from Durham Radio busy with the deals.

Pierre VA3PM at the Radioworld booth

The Lions Aurora Lions Club Pancake and sausage crew

Honest Bob VE3BFM at the Maple Leaf Communications booth

Roberta VE3RMW at the CLARA booth

VA3RMW  Roberta with Heather VE3HQH



Barry VE3ISX and XYL Judy

John VE3FDK with Peter VE3DOU

Rick from Amitron at the tables

Lego for the kids linked with Amateur Radio

Tony  VE3AXW with Liam

VE3LYN   Jack   with   Mike VE3GFN

Bert VE3NR

Vendor says this dispenser nicely tunes 40 meters!

Ken VE3KCY with Jason VE3JVG

Phil  VA3QR  from Radio Amateurs of Canada (Director)

Al    VE3ARD ONTARS net controller

Mike  VE3MKX

Cathy VE3CLT and Ken VE3KCY from Alma Ontario

Judy (XYL VE3ISX) with Clare  VE3CUJ

Butch  VE3LQV

Tony VE3AXW ONTARS controller

Bill VE3WIG from Petrolia

Bob VE3ITW with Rick  VE3BK from Hamilton Amateur Radio Club

Paul  VE3ORM

John   VE3BQH      Wayne VE3WAB   Rick  VE3BK  with Judy XYL (VE3ISX)

Gary  VE3TTO

Mike VE3CMM (ONTARS Net Controller)

Doug and Don at the  Alpha Spid Rotator table

Ron   KC4CLV assisting VE3NJV Nick with ticket sales

Paul  VE3AXT

After the Hamfest, we all gathered at the Swiss Chalet

Jep General Manager with the staff.

Host and general manager
Supplied free dinner to luck ticket holder!

And the winner is........Ken dinner


VE3WIG   Bill and Clare   VE3CUJ

Chris...VE3CEA   ONTARS controller

Clare..VE3CUJ with Rob VA3RQB

VE3RWB   John with Peter VE3DOU enjoying the lunch get together

Anthony  VA3AVT

Mike  VE3CMM

Judy XYL of Barry VE3ISX and  Angelo VA3ACO
Lunch coordinator


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