is pleased to present pictures from the
VE3LJQ  (Mark)
Victoria Haliburton ARC
Field Day
Grass Hill Repeater site (NW of Lindsay)
June 2019

Pictures courtesy of  VE3LJQ

Mark VE3LJQ with  "Hammy"
I spent the weekend at the Grass Hill (NW of Lindsay) repeater site of the Victoria Haliburton Amateur Radio Club.
There's always quiet conditions especially on 80 meters which was my primary area.
I  worked 166 stations on 80 and 7 on 10.

6 meter beam and the group setting up radials for vertical.
The assembly group was Bill VE3WAH, Steven VE3KXP, Len VE3VXR,
Ernie VE3ERN, and Doug VE3ATP (our repeater tech), and Mark VE3LJQ.