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Big Event 42 Hamfest
Saturday 1st February 2020

Congratulations to the club organizers and executive!
Clayton VA3AUO (tables)
and all the NPARC members that made the event a success!

Pictures courtesy:
   VE3ISX Barry   Larry VE3GIO  and Mike VE3MKX
VA3ONO Denis

NPARC  admissions crew ready to meet the crowd
L-R   Garth  VE3HO   Mark VA3BGL  Denis  VE3XC   April VA3BHG

...and they arrived!!

CLARA table with Anne  VE3XAJ

Tom VA3TM with Rod  VE3ISO from the Burlington ARC

 Guenther from Degen Electronics
front and centre with connectors and accessories.

Henry VA3OV from Radioworld.

VE3RQB Rob from Peel ARC with Peter VE3DOU

Pierre from Radioworld

ONTARS thanks NPARC for the opportunity
to host our "Meet and Greet" table
with Tim WB2KAO  from Rochester N.Y.

Tim WB2KAO with Nick KD2RHU
host the  ONTARS table with Barry VE3ISX

Tim WB2KAO with Peter VE3DOU

Len  VA3CD with XYL Jan at the tables.

Members of the Canadian Korean Amateur Radio Club at the tables.
Club repeater VE3KRC

Mario the tube man

Now a few table shots from Mike VE3MKX

VE3PTA Steve with the deals

Angelo VA3ACO at the tables

Al  VE3ALH   with VE3NXP  Alan

Mario the Tube Man checking out the deals.

Wayne VA3WAB with Lorna XYL

Georgette  VA3GFI with   Scott  VE3QU  and  Brandon VA3UEC   from Hamilton


Larry VE3LBI from Hamilton with VE3APT  Albert  from Hamilton

Paul VE3SU enjoying the Hot Breakfast before the crowd arrives.

John VE3JDK with Mike  VE3MKX

Lloyd VE3ERQ   Barry VE3ISX with Mike VA3MW

John VA3XM setting up

David  VE3RNF  and associate

 VE3DZP  Gary

Jim   VE3PBJ

VA3RON  Ron with XYL  Barb VA3BNX

Al VE3PRU  from Trenton

Tim WB2KAO   chatting with Ken VE3KCY and Paul VA3PDC
at the ONTARS meet and greet table.

VE3NXP  Alan, Paul VE3SU, Larry VE3GIO and VE3NYP  Gary

Kevin VA3KGS

Brian  VA3BGN   and Carole   VA3WHU     from the Hamilton Club

 Paul VE3SU


Gerry VE3COP with wife Karen meeting Tim WB2KAO


Shawn  VE3XYY

VE3MM Rick with VA3WU  Rick enjoy the fest.

Lloyd VE3ERQ with wife Susan

Kevin  VE3RRH at the tables.

Larry VE3GIO with Wayne VA3WAB

Wayne VA3WAB with wife Lorna meet Tim WB2KAO

Rod  VE3ISO from Burlington Club
with Sid VE3ZSX with a 50 year old QSL card

Gary VE3TTO and Peter VE3DOU

Mardy VE3QEE from the Hamilton ARC

Georgette  VA3GFI   with   Lenny VE3ISS  from Hamilton

VE3JMR  Mark

Angelo VA3ACO arranged lunch for 35 amateurs
at the Swiss Chalet  on Glendale Ave. St. Catharines.

Judy gets into the picture after the draw for the two free dinners.
Winners:  Rick  VA3WU
Lorna  XYL of Wayne VA3WAB

Paul VE3SU with Paul VE3HTF  and  a great turn out after the Hamfest.

Bob VE3MF and Bruce VE3LPR from Cambridge, ON

George  VA3GMK with family

Gerry VE3COP with wife Karen

The group shot!

If you have more pictures, please email to Barry VE3ISX

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