Ontario Hamfest Milton
8th July 2017
Presented by the Burlington Amateur Radio Club.

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Pictures by 
Larry  VE3GIO ,  Barry VE3ISX,   James  VE3TPZ and Mike VE3MKX 

Jason   VA3VNA  Norm VE3CZI  and Bob  VE3ITW   welcoming vendors

Ferg VE3LVO...helping out.

VE3NH  Bill with the deals.

The ESTATE sale table from Eric   VE3EI..many great deals.

Pierre VA3PM   from Radio World sealing the deal!

Maple Leaf Communications "Honest Bob" and VE3NNG  Dave

Paul VE3EU  (left) striking up a deal.

"Rolly"   VE3SJN

Bruce  VE3BER and helpers

VE3VGI   John(left)   checking out Pat  VE3CNX's table

Tom   VE3KVD   from T.G.M.

 Stan  VE3DDX    John VA3JI  and Geoff    VA3GS   from COAX Publications


VE3MMM- Ingo from the Burlington ARC


Mark  VE3RYI   and   Dave  VE3DV  enjoying the day!

VE3NH Bill...welcome to The Milton Hamfest

Lloyd  VE3ERQ and wife Suzanne   VE3EPO

Phil   VE3RD   and VE3TGH   Gary from  Burlington

John VE3MFA and wife Linda

VE3DOU  Peter with   well stocked table.
Still up for sale...a  great deal on a brand new Tail twister Heavy Duty T2X rotator system

VE3DOU  Peter sporting the new ONTARS T-Shirt  from Gwen's Graphics.

Judy and Barry VE3ISX

VE3WGK Ward   from the Ontario Science Centre Ham Shack

Delroy   VE3DZM

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Walter  VE3FJC

Judy  (Barry  VE3ISX XYL) and Dorothy (Larry VE3GIO XYL)

Mike VE3CMM placing an order for an ONTARS official Polo Shirt from Gwen
at the Gwen's Graphics display

Norm VE3CZI  ready for all the action

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VE3ZSX Sid from Electronic Surplus Industries

Mario "The Tube Man"..he's got them all!

Ted   VE3ONJ

Gary VE3TTO from Hamilton

Phil VE3FAS  with Mary  VE3MVM


Pat VE3CNX  busy table with loads of goodies..

Murray  VE3ZPV and Mardy VE3QEE from the Hamilton Amateur Radio Club


VA3JWO  Willy's well stocked table

Harry VA3EC


 Willy VA3JWO

Joyce  VA3WXU  (current club president)  and Judd  VE3WXU from the Elmira Amateur Radio Club

Swiss Chalet  lunch post Hamfest
A special thank you to Management and staff for the prompt service
and the FREE dinner draw!

 Dave VE3DWJ from the Hamilton ARC with VE3WIG  Bill

James  VE3TPZ     Larry   VE3GIO   and Walt   VE3NQM

Catherine   VE3VEY...Walt VE3NQM's  XYL

Murray  VE3ZPV and   Ken  VE3SSB

Geoff  VE3SYR and wife Gwen (Official T-Shirt supplier to ONTARS)

Peter VE3DOU

Danelle from Swiss Chalet picks the lucky "lunch" winner

And the lucky winner is  .......    Larry VE3GIO with wife Dorothy

Barry VE3ISX and  wife Judy

Marv   VE2PK  with  Geoff VE3SYR  and Gwen


Ted  VE3ONJ with Rick  VE3BK from the Hamilton ARC

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