Is pleased to promote:

Lanark North Leeds ARES
Ham Radio Hamfest
Maberly Fairgrounds
14th August 2021

Maberly Agricultural Society fairgrounds
4884 Bolingbroke Rd.
Maberly, ON
Tay Valley Township
Lanark County

Exciting news  from Lanark North Leeds ARES Inc. LNL-ARES is hosting a ham radio hamfest
at the Maberly Fairgrounds on August 14th, Saturday morning.
We will not be seeking out commercial vendors; however, if any wish to show up, they will be welcome to join in.
This event is primarily intended as a ham radio sales / swap event -- a kind of junk-in-your-trunk for fellow hams!
No tables nor chairs will be provided so you will need to supply your own necessities -- RAIN OR SHINE, the event will go on!

Here are some preliminary details .....

LOCATION: Maberly Agricultural Society Fairgrounds -- just off Highway 7; Maberly, ON

DATE: Saturday, August 14th -- Vendors: 7:30 am -- General Public: 8:30 am - 11:30 am

Vendors: $20.00 (includes vehicle and 1 driver or attendee)  -- no pre-registration required.
General Public / Everyone Else: $5.00
Club Members: $5.00 (consider it a Club donation)

FACILITIES: Open fairgrounds property and parking with access to washrooms - more to come later regarding possible food and/or non-alcoholic drinks
or water availability. Radio vendors will be directed to marked spaces - public parking will be in a separate area.

NOTE:--- Full COVID protocols will be in effect -- you MUST WEAR A MASK within the fairgrounds areas and maintain social all times.

TALK-IN FREQUENCY: Lavant repeater - 146.640 (-); no Tones

To VENDORS: This event is one of the few opportunities to get rid of your surplus gear in 2021 in Eastern Ontario!
What is no longer important to you may be someone else's new treasure!

To HAM RADIO Ops: A chance to purchase extra radios and/or radio and antenna gear that will enhance your operations for the coming year.
Also, meet and chat with the (masked) faces you talk to on the air!

SPECIAL NOTE TO LNL-ARES members and interested friends:
Our club will need YOUR support to make this event happen!
Time is short so please think about this quickly and respond with how YOU can help out our club.
A bit of help is required on Friday; however, the bulk of the light work will need to be carried out onwards from 7:00 am on the August 14th date.
PLEASE come out and support your club and advise us as quickly as possible regarding what you can do to help with gate keeping,
vehicle/traffic control & parking, grounds marking, Talk-In control, etc, etc.

On behalf of the LNL-ARES Inc Executive .......

 Our email address is:

Al Niittymaa, VA3KAI~VE3VY
LNL-ARES Inc - Corp. Treasurer

PS: Please spread this exciting news to all your ham radio contacts, your club members, and friends in Eastern Ontario !!!

This page presented and prepared by ONTARS as a public service to amateur radio.