Brampton Hamfest  and Lunch Photo presentation
23rd March 2019

Lunch arrangements: Angelo VA3ACO
Photos courtesy of  Mike  VE3MKX and Barry VE3ISX

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Paul   VE7PVL from Icom Canada demonstrating the New IC7610

HAM-EX Talk in on 40 Meters

Paul VE3PDL and  Peter VE3BMO  from Hamilton

VA3ACO Angelo and Paul VE3SU  during setup.

Mike VA3MW

Bob from Maple Leaf back in action

 Pierre   VA3PM writing up sale of new ICOM 7300 for Peter VE3DOU

Mario The Tube Man

Tom VE3KVD from TGM Electronics

VA3VMD   Vito  checking out the deals at Maple Leaf Communications

John VE3RWB and Don VE3UNA

MacFarlane Communications

Carole VA3WHU

Bob VE3MF and Wendy VE3WNB

Jim VE3PNN  and Wendy VE3WNB

Mario "The tube man"  deals on offer

John  VA3JI and Stan  VE3DDX from Coax Publications

Butch  VE3LQB

Mike  VE3MKX took the following before the show opened

Members of the Korean ARC ready with the deals.

VA3UC   Ron and David VE3EBM

Grant   VE3FIT

VE3FDK John and Ron VE3NLQ from Hamilton


 Barry  VE3ISX     Wendy VE3WNB    with Brian VE3XNS is the background

Bob  VA3ITW shopping the well stocked hamfest

Syd  VE3ZSX with the deals

Shirley and John of PC Board...LED and assorted electronics.

Click above for their website..great product for repair burnt out equipment lamps...




Lots of great deals...


Pat   VE3CNX

Mardy VE3QEE from Hamilton Club

Ward VE3WGK from the Ontario Science Centre

Rick  VA3VO

Brian VA3BGN with Carole VA3WHU from Hamilton


Paul VE3SU

Angelo VA3ACO organized the lunch for the group
at the Swiss Chalet

The gang gathers at the Swiss Chalet for lunch

VA3WAB Wayne with Butch  VE3LQV enjoying lunch

  Marv  VE2PK

The big draw for the FREE lunch

and your winner...Henry  VA3OV  from Radioworld

The group picture at Swiss Chalet

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