Brampton Hamfest  and Lunch Photo presentation
17th March 2018

Lunch arrangements: Angelo VA3ACO
Photos courtesy of  Mike  VE3MKX and Barry VE3ISX  Bart VE3XBO and Larry  VE3GIO

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Alma and her son from Durham Radio

Members of the Canada Korean ARC and the well stocked table at Ham-Ex 2018

VE3RWB John looking for the deals???

VE3RQB Rob, Peter VE3DOU  Cheryl and  Mark   VA3SDF

Mike  VE3MKR and dad  Alex  VE3XAR

Peter VE3DOU and Barry VE3ISX

The star of the show....

Brian   VA3BGN and Carol  VA3WHU

Ahmet  VA3TUR from the Hamilton ARC

 Delroy  VE3DZM with Jennifer and  Peter VE3DOU

Mario The Tube man busy with all the deals.

Pierre from Radio World writing up another great deal


Mario "The tube man"  deals on offer

John and Stan from Coax Publications

Wisdom from Maple Leaf Communications

VE3YF  Mike

Connie with Barry VE3ISX

Bart  VE3XBO

VE3US   Rick and Mike VE3CMM

VA3UC  Ron with Dave  VE3EBM

VE3QEE  Mardy from the Hamilton Amateur Radio Club

Dwayne  VE3NHP

 Joyce VA3WXU from the Elmira Club


John  VE3FDK

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Shirley and John of PC Board..providing great Hamfest deals with quality products

VE3DTX  Doug

Mike VE3MKX at the tables

Butch  VE3LQV

Norm  VE3CZI

Vic VE3VMO  with Doug   VE3GVW

Larry VE3GIO with Gordon VE3CNA from the Scarborough Club

VE3MF  Bob

McFarlane Electronics

Jim  VE3DSR and Syd VE3ZSX   surplus vendor

Fred VE3CZ   Mario VE3ZQB   Bob  VE3MF    Ted VE3PGT line up for group shot.




VE3EBM  Dave

After the hamfest, we all gathered at
150 West Drive, Brampton


Angelo VA3ACO  arranged the whole event.

A great gathering of amateurs enjoying the post hamfest lunch at Swiss Chalet   150 West Drive, Brampton

Larry VE3GIO talking to Clive VE3HEQ

VE3CMM  Mike

Wayne VA3WAB  with Bruce VE3BV

  Marv  VE2PK

Peter VE3DOU  and Barry  VE3ISX

Natalie our server picks the winning ticket for the FREE lunch supplied by Swiss Chalet Brampton

And your winner.....

Tony  VE3AXW

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