Brampton Hamfest  and Lunch Photo presentation
18th March 2017

Lunch arrangements: Angelo VA3ACO
Photos courtesy of  Mike  VE3MKX and Barry VE3ISX

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Gerald K5SDR from Flex America centre stage with...
Left to right....Peter VE3DOU   Mardy VE3QEE   Rick VE3BK   Nick  VE3NJV   Barry VE3ISX   Rob VE3RQB

VE3CEA Chris checking the new FLEX product

Mike VA3MW one of the FLEX Maestro beta testers showing us the features


 Icom Canada showing off the latest products

Eric VE3EI representing  ICOM Canada

Alma from Durham Radio busy with great deals.

Pierre from Radio World writing up another great deal

Mario "The tube man"

Mario "The tube man"  deals on offer

John and Stan from Coax Publications

Wisdom from Maple Leaf Communications

Honest Bob  VE3BFM  and Wisdom from Maple Leaf Communications

Liam and Wisdom's son working the Maple Leaf Communications Tabke

Mike  VE3MKX took the following before the show opened


Dwayne  VE3NHP

 Winston working the tables with David VE3NNG at Maple Leaf Communications


John  VE3FDK

Click above for their website..great product for repair burnt out equipment lamps...

Shirley and John of PC Board..providing great Hamfest deals with quality products

Mike VE3MKX at the tables

Rick  VA3VO, from Armitron Electronics

Brian VA3BGN with Carole VA3WHU from Hamilton

Butch  VE3LQV with a table load of goodies

Garnet VE3GNP, John VE6JHF and John VE3RWB

Peter VE3DOU   and Mike VE3CMM

McFarlane Electronics

Jim  VE3DSR and Syd VE3ZSX   surplus vendor

Ward VE3WGK from the Ontario Science Centre

Vic VE3JAR and Dianne VE3JAW enjoying brisk table sales


John VE3RWB with Bill VE3WIG

VE3MF  Bob



Mike VE3CMM showing off the little travel radio.....incredible!

Pat VE3CNX thinking about the deal!

After the hamfest, we all gathered at
150 West Drive, Brampton

Angelo VA3ACO  arranged the whole event.

Cheryl and  Mark   VA3SDF

VE3AXI   Billy and Walt VE3NQM

Wendy and Jim.. new hams waiting to take the test and get those VE calls

Clare (The tractor man)   VE3CUJ

Don't ask???

Chris  VE3CEA  and  Trish

Carlos  VA3SPF

  Marv  VE2PK

Nicholas  VE3NJV

Long live "Rock and Roll" Cheryl

Peter VE3DOU  and Barry  VE3ISX (ONTARS NET manager)

Angelo VA3ACO assists our server to pick one of the luck 38 tickets for a FREE lunch
courtesy of Swiss Chalet  150 West Drive, Brampton.

And your winner.....

Mike VE3CMM  four out of four..better buy a lottery ticket!!  Congratulations

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