Ham-Ex 2016
Brampton Hamfest  and Lunch Photo presentation
19th March 2015

Lunch arrangements: Angelo VA3ACO

Photos courtesy of  Larry VE3GIO, Jeff  VE3CV, Peter VE3DOU and Barry VE3ISX

Updated 26 March 2016

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Ken VE3KCY  with a great deal only at Ham-EX 2016

Larry VE3GIO



Dwayne  VE3NHP

Dinah with Ian VA3IC

VE3RWO   Ralph

Rick  VE3US with Brian VA3AZA

  Bill VE3WIG  with deals.

VE3VKR   Dan from Midland, ON

VE3RQB   Rob

Jim VE3NNG working the tables at Maple Leaf Communications


Jack from Radio World

John  VE3FDK

Mike  VE3CMM and Paul  VA3PDC

VE3ARD Al with Karen VE3LKL with VE3ZQX  Darleen

VA3KBK Karl and Richard VA3VDC

VE3DDX ..Stan  from Coax Publications with John

Mike VE3MKX at the tables

  Barry VE3ISX  Phil  VE3FAS   and Mary  VE3MVM

Radio Amateurs of Canada table

Rick  VA3VO, from Armitron Electronics

Gord   VE3DBP  with Peter VE3DOU

VE3CV  Jeff with Ian  VA3IC

Jeff   VE3CV  with Jim VE3JRH  clearing out the deals.

Peter VE3DOU   Larry VE3GIO   Marv  VE2PK   John VE3RWB   Ken VE3YK  Russ VE3HR  and Ian VA3IC and Dinah
Angelo VA3ACO and Vic  VE3VMO

Model rocket  group display table

Doug  VE3DTX

  Mardy  VE3QEE and Betty Ellen


Mike  VE3XMS

Call sign Hat business was brisk!

Alex   VE3ALS

VE3LQV  Butch

Icom Canada demonstration of the ultimate HF station: The Icom IC 7851

Eric  VE3EI representing ICOM Canada

Victoria VA3VJS  greeting Larry VE3GIO

James  VE3TPZ

Mario The Tube man with the deals

Super prize tickets moving quickly

Dwayne  VE3WSH    and  Steve  VE3SBQ

John   VE3JXX   with Ken   VE3KCY

Clara representation  Dave VA3UL and wife, Anne VE3XAJ

Crystal and  Mark   VA3SDF

Walter  VE3FJC

Sid  VE3ZSX   surplus vendor

Angelo VA3ACO

VE3YK   Ken

VE3HR  Russ

John  VE3RWB

Butch   VE3LQV and Wayne  VA3WAB

Walter VE3FJC

VE3BQH  John from South River

Mark  VE3LJQ

Steve  VA3SGI

Bill   VE3LJ

  Marv  VE2PK

Peter  VE3DOU and Barry  VE3ISX

Nicholas  VE3NJV

Chris   VE3CEA

VE3ZQF Robert with VE3BGD Malcom


VE3HJL Henry with VA3TMA Tim

Great food at the Swiss Chalet   150 West Drive, Brampton

Angelo VA3ACO and our server pick one of the luck 38 tickets for a FREE lunch
courtesy of Swiss Chalet  150 West Drive, Brampton.

And your winner.....


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