Art Ferguson Trophy presentation
15th June 2016  to Barry VE3ISX


Mardy VE3QEE presenting Barry VE3ISX (HARC member)
the  Art Ferguson trophy
"in recognition of meritorious service to the public
through amateur radio communication."

Previous Winners

Call Sign Name Year of award
VE3FHQ Glenn Gibson 1982
VE3GFE Stan Bolibruch 1983
VE3KTT Les Sharman 1984
VE3DSP Glenn Simpson 1985
VE3GFE Stan Bolibruch 1986
VE3NYC Paul Hazen 1987
VE3HFT Paul Fleck 1987
VE3JSJ Gord Murray 1988
VE3NYC Paul Hazen 1989
VE3OQG Fiore Manga 1994
VE3GCP Fred Robinson 1996
VE3BK Rick Danby 1999
VE3FWL Frank Love 2003
VE3AAH Gordon Barber 2005
VE3QEE Mardy Eedson 2006
VE3TTO Gary Notto 2011
VE3ISX Barry Lisoweski 2016

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