RCAF Buffalo Aircraft

22nd July 2023


 From British Columbia in the west to Prince Edward Island in the east, this could well be the biggest retirement party ever
thanks to a dedicated group of amateur radio and aviation enthusiasts. Sel Embee KB3TZD tells us how to join the festivities.

It's likely that not many people know and love the RCAF CC115 Buffalo aircraft as much as Phill Tanner,
VA7XOZ. An Air Force aircraft technician familiar with the inner workings
of the Search and Rescue planes, Phill has joined with a handful of other amateurs to prepare a weekend of special QSOs,
based in four different provinces, to mark the planes' retirement.
The event is being called Buffalos on the Air.
On July 22nd, you can find Phill calling QRZ on the amateur bands as VC7BUFF457
at Comox Heritage Park in British Columbia.
Like the other three operators, Phill will be inside one of the planes, using its antenna and an amateur radio transceiver.
Calvin Winter, VE4AJ, will operate as VC4BUFF462
from the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada in Manitoba; Dave Ackerman,
VE3UGT/VE3OX will sign as VC3BUFF456 at the National Air Force Museum of Canada in Ontario;
and Doug Silliker, VY2DS, will use the callsign VY2BUFF451
from Summerside Air Force Heritage Park on Prince Edward Island.
The hams will be operating CW, SSB and FT8, most likely between 10m and 40m.

The hams will also try for a coast-to-coast 2-metre net between the four aircraft on July 22nd.
Buffalos on the Air is also welcoming spectators who live locally
to attend the events at each of the activation sites.
The rest of the world is invited to make contact with the stations, and those who have a QSO
with more than one of the operators can request a certificate from Doug.

You can find additional details on the Facebook page for Buffalos on the Air.

Text courtesy Amateur Rdio Newsline Report Number 2385.

Frequencies to be published here by ONTARS as they become available.