Is pleased to present pictures from:

Simcoe Country
Ham Radio Tailgate
Grenfel Community Centre
18th September 2021

Pictures by Wendy  VE3WNB, Kevin VA3RCA and Mike VE3MKX
Drone shot: BILL VA3QB

Great weather day and well organized.

Brant  VE3UME   Organizer of this event. Congratulations!!!

 From Left to right: Richard VA3PWO, Ron VA3RON, Gordon VE3IMA, Ian VA3QT, Barb VA3BNX,
Wendy VE3WNB, Brian VE3XNS, John VE3FDZ, Ed VA3EDB,
Kevin VA3RCA, Ken VE3KDG, Don VE3WPK, Mike VE3MKX

Left to right:  Dan VE3VKR, Kevin VA3RCA, Bill VE3WIG, Paul VE3AXT, Wendy VE3WNB, Ron VA3RON

Bob   VE3BFM  from Maple Leaf Communications

Paul VA3PDC   and  Bill   VA3QB from the Elmira ARC

Brian VE3XNS from the Barrie Club

John   VE3FDZ

Paul VE3AXT  with Bill VE3WIG


Bob   VA3TXR


Steve VE3PTA with the deals

Mike     VE3MKX


Bill VA3QB  dishing out the deals


Nigel VE3DID

Rick VA3KOF    and     Tom  VE3THR

Rick VA3KOF   John  VE3FDZ  and Wendy VE3WNB

Wendy VE3WNB with Bill VE3WIG

After the event.....807s and stories
Left to right..Bart VE3XBO, Kevin VA3RCA, Rick VA3KOF,
Peter VE3YGG,   Paul VE3AXT,  Jim VA3GTL and Andy (no call)


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