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         We welcome you to year 33rd of the SANDBOX ROUNDTABLE Net, a daily event commencing at 1830 hours [ET] on 3733 Kilohertz LSB. Although SSB is our primary mode, controllers will recognize CW or have you relayed in.
         Any station within earshot is welcome to join and certainly invited to participate in any of the roundtable discussions on subjects that are deemed acceptable within the Amateur Radio Fraternity.
         If you have a question or wish to suggest a subject, please feel free to throw it into the ring and await some grand responses.
        We have different controllers each night of the week and if you might wish to become part of this illustrious group please contact Cliff VA3CAF, the net manager . This stands as well if you should have any questions and\or suggestions with regard  to this operation, please contact Cliff e-mail on QRZ.COM.
        We are old school and try not to follow the “5/9, QRU, good bye” type nets that are only out for the numbers.   As has been our ongoing policy, conversation and comments made on the SBN will follow the old and original Amateur Radio policy avoiding politics, sex and religion. We have a wealth of qualified controllers at the helm every night.

Sandbox Roundtable Net Controller Roster:

Monday Dennis VE3BF

Tuesday Cliff   VA3CAF Stockdale near Trenton

Wednesday Jack   VA3YJC Ottawa West

Thursday    Bob VA3SLO Trenton

Friday John-Henry VE3CAK Elginburg

Saturday Scott    VA3UP near Brighton

Sunday Dave    VE3CMI Listowel

History of the Sandbox Roundtable Net

        The Sandbox Net has been in operation since September 1990, never missing a day, no matter whether band conditions were good or bad.  The dedication and the perseverance of Paul Uttaro, VE2QR and a core group of loyal supporters of The Sandbox Net have made it the number one International Round Table Net on 40 meters.
        The beginning of the Sandbox Net goes back to June 1990 when Paul's brother Dave VE1TY was transferred to Turo, Nova Scotia from Pointe Claire, Quebec. They set up on 40 meters to just talk and keep in contact every night, soon some friends would join in as well. One of the first was Don  VE3ESE, then came John VE3JWS, Tommy  VE3OIM, George  VE3MMQ, Ed  VE3FE, Roy VE3ALK and many others to follow.
        By September 1990 the numbers had grown substantially so the group decided to form a net and started kicking around suitable names for it. This went on for several weeks but most names that were suggested seemed to be too long or inappropriate.
       Since the group were in round table discussions on varied topics, people would break in and say they would be back shortly due to the call of nature. Tommy, for one would announce that he had to go to the "sandbox" and this became the regular phrase when someone had to leave the net for a short period. John VE3JWS, jokingly commented that since everyone on the net were always going to the sandbox, why not call it " The Sandbox Net ". Every one agreed and that is how The Sandbox Net got its' name !
       Around mid 2012, during periods of heavy DX activity on 7.063.5 Mhz, it became  apparent that attempts of controlling this net were wasted and the gathering was turning into a DX Contact net versus being able to talk to our regular SBN members. It was ultimately decided to shift our operation down to 80 meters and 3.733 was selected as our new home.

Manager History
The three previous managers were:

  Paul Uttaro VE2QR till April 2012.

 Norm Richardson  VE3DHR  till 12 May 2013

Saul Cartman  VE3YSC till 8th Aug 2015

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