Guide for ONTARS Net Control Stations

 I am proud to be considered a  net controller of the Ontario Amateur Radio Service Net.
 Whatever I do or say reflects directly upon myself, and my
fellow controllers,  my net manager,
and the long history of ONTARS service to the amateur community.

I will  obide by the Industry Canada rules regarding
amateur radio and the operation of such.

 I will not criticize my fellow controllers, amateurs that check in,  or the net manager
openly on the air unless I have a better suggestion
and I am prepared to do it myself.

 My fellow controllers, net manager  and I are members of the ONTARS amateur fraternity.
Without our leadership and dedication to ONTARS the net will cease to exist.

 ONTARS  values me as a net controller. I donate my time and energy to the  ONTARS
group, and consider it a privilege to be an integral part of the
Ontario Amateur Radio Service Net.

 I should treat my fellow controllers, and net manager with the same respect, honour and
understanding that I would like to receive from them.

 It is not a right to be an ONTARS net controller, it is an honour. I should respect
that honour by abiding by all of the principals that embody our operations.