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We are pleased to to announce:
NN4ZZ TiltPlate, HexLock and QuadLock is now manufactured
by Degen Designs  Jul 1, 2020
As many know Al NN4ZZ after successfully developing the TiltPlate, HexLock and QuadLock
to meet the need for Amateurs with tilt over towers has decided to retire.
As such we have with Al's blessing taken over the production and sales of these products.
Al will still be helping us through the transition to ensure we only improve on the products that he developed.
We only wish that Al enjoys his new found freedom to allow him to continue playing with his hobbies.
Guenther VE3CVS

Watch the YouTube Video from NN4ZZ
explaining the product during the Dayton Hamfest

Product details

We are located in Brampton, ON, Canada.
We ship anywhere in the world.