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Controller times and opportunities!







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Controller opportunities

VA3IC  Ian will be doing 9 am Monday Tuesday and Thursday

VE3AXW Tony will be taking Wednesday and Fridays 9 am...light duty.

VE3FMC Rick is off till the fall for Thursday 7 open.

VE3AXW Tony will pick up this hour until further notice.

Rob VA3WDK will be doing the 11 am slot Monday to Thursday

Pat VE3ZP  will be away Thursday 9 April 2015  5pm opportunity.

Ken  VE3YK will be picking up 7 am Friday morning slots

until further notice. Thanks Ken!!

Dave VE3GSO  will be away 22nd March till 17th May

Controller required for Tuesday

 Wednesday and Thursday 10 am hour


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  We are now linking the personal website of our controllers to their picture.

Check  VA3IC   Ian,  VE3FMC Rick, VA3UJ Joe and Gord VE3DBP







Weekend hours always available!




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